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Overlooked and Underrated Restaurant Supplies Every Restaurant Needs

Overlooked and Underrated Restaurant Supplies Every Restaurant Needs
By Dot It August 27, 2019 No comments

Let’s face it – some restaurant supplies are more exciting than others. Print items are snazzy and colorful, to-go containers are sleek and elegant. And then, there’s the not-so-exciting products which, when you think about it, your business would be lost without. Below are just a few of the items that are often overlooked and undervalued.

Rotation labels – Who knew such a little item could have such a big impact on your restaurant’s food safety, food quality, and bottom line? Multi-colored labels are designed to stand-up to the kitchen environment and make food rotation an efficient, organized process. With proper food rotation, your foodstuffs will be fresh and safe. No more wasted product. At Dot It Restaurant Supply we can customize a set of labels to work best for your specific kitchen needs.

Guest checks – Nothing keeps orders organized like GuestChecks! Our latest pads are PatriotProud and are available in one or two part and carbon or carbonless. The GuestChecks display “Made in the USA” messaging. Add this essential restaurant item to your order and show your support for American troops.

Register rolls – During a Friday night rush is a bad time to realize you’ve run out of register rolls. Those little rolls have a big job of communicating order information to various kitchen stations, wait staff, delivery drivers, and customers. Order plenty extra to make sure your business doesn’t come to a screeching halt.

First aid kits – Not only do you need first aid kits and refillable supplies so that you are OSHA/ANSI compliant, they are essential for the inevitable cuts, burns, and minor injuries that occur in the kitchen. Dot It sells several kits to accommodate the size of your staff, and, of course, they are OSHA/ANSI compliant. To keep your kit stocked, we have all kinds of replacement items from band-aids to eye wash solution.

Cleaners & Wipes – Point-of-sale systems drive your business and it behooves you to provide the special care required by these systems. Dot It has various cleaners and wipes that are specially formulated to safely clean sensitive POS touchscreens and computer monitors. Crystal clear surfaces optimize customer transactions.

Dot It will gladly assist you with any or all of the above “humble,” underappreciated items that should be adequately stocked in your restaurant.Visit www.dotit.com or call 800-642-3687 and we’ll help you Make Restaurant Life Easy!