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Dissolve-It™ Use First label sets are the go-to choice for kitchens that don’t want to waste time scrubbing sticky residue from their reusable containers. Just put your containers in the dishwashers, and let the water do its magic. Dissolve-It™ labels are especially designed to dissolve within 30 seconds in any water temperature. This means that you can place your containers into the dishwasher without any extra care. Your containers will came out ready to be reused. You can use this set of “Use First” labels to mark the food you need to use now.

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    Use First/Use Primero Label | 2"X2" Dissolve It | 250/Roll

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    Use First/Use Primero Label | 3/4" Circle Dissolve It | 1000/Roll


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    Use First/Use Primero Label | 1"X1" Dissolve It | 1000/Roll


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