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About Dot It

Dot It is part of a family of businesses called NCCO Group, which offers a wide range of products, services, and technologies aimed at improving food service profitability, enhancing food safety, and increasing operational efficiencies.
Dot It specializes in helping store chain brands streamline and scale their label and print fulfillment, with a focus on food safety products and print solutions. We provide comprehensive brand fulfillment solutions, including sourcing, printing, kitting, order processing, warehousing, and distribution for growing brands that want to optimize their supply chain and maintain brand consistency.
Dot It’s product solutions encompass food safety labels, custom labels, graphics solutions, safety and sanitation supplies, first aid, packaging, food safety training, and print fulfillment. All these product solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual brands and can be conveniently accessed through a Branded Web Portal for easy ordering at the store level. With robust eCommerce and reporting technology, brands can efficiently manage their products and printing needs from a single vendor website.

Our Mission

To help brands streamline and scale their label and print fulfillment.

Our Vision

To grow our employees, partners, and community with genuine relationships and service.

Our Story

1984 - All About Labels

Dot It began as a label manufacturing company in Mt. Juliet, TN, producing food rotation labels for the foodservice industry.


1992-1994 - Two Operations Merge

Dot It merges with Craftmark’s Mark-the-Day Labels division and relocates their expanding operations to Arlington, TX.

2002 - Expands to Print Fulfillment

Dot It expands their service solutions to include print fulfillment (e.g. banners, signage, and marketing materials) - all housed under Branded Web Portals.


2013 - Joins NCCO Group

NCCO Group, a long-time innovator and pioneer in the foodservice industry and original creator of the GuestCheck™, acquires Dot It.

2017 - Expands Printing Capabilities

The growing demand for additional print capabilities prompts Dot It to acquire Dynamic Color Graphics, a leading large format print company.


2018 - Product Innovation

Dot It invests in SecureIt tamper-evident solutions and PlanglowUSA eco-friendly packaging to address growing consumer concern around food safety and sustainability.

Present - Continued Growth

Dot It continues to develop additional products and service solutions to better serve the ever-changing market.

Core Values

Dot It Nation is E.P.I.I.C.

Everyone deserves Respect

We respect everyone with whom we are connected and value the characteristics that make them unique.

Passion for Excellence

We do what is necessary and exceed the expectations of customers, employees, and all other stakeholders.


We do what we say we are going to do, even when that is not in our short-term interest. We deal honestly and truthfully with all, even when this is difficult.


We promote the ability of our employees to create new opportunities for themselves and the company. We encourage innovation in helping our customers succeed.


We work together to achieve desired results through effective communication, sharing expertise, and identifying synergies.

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