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Point-of-sale systems are a crucial component for your restaurant, but they require special care to always work at their best. Take care of your POS with Dot It’s cleaners and wipes, which are specially formulated to safely clean sensitive POS, touchscreens and computer monitors. Keep your POS shining and optically clear with this set of cleaners and wipes.

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    Credit Card Reader Cleaning Cards 3.375x2.125” 50/Pack


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    SKU: GOR-CR80
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    Biodegradable 100% Alcohol Free Screen Wipes | 50 Packets


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    SKU: K2WVT50
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    POS/Thermal Receipt Printer Cleaning Cards 3"x6” 25/Pack, Double Sided


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    SKU: GOR-25P-CL36
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    Light Blue Suede 70/30 Micro Fiber Towels 12/Pack


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    SKU: IP-LFK100

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