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Ultra-Removable™ Product Date labels are a great solution for kitchens that need to mark food containers clearly and simply, with only the name of the product and the preparation date. Like Mighty Peel™ labels, Ultra-Removable™ have a removable adhesive on one side. Unlike Mighty Peel™ labels, the second side has a basic paper face, which makes Ultra-Removable™ labels a more cost-effective solution compared to Mighty Peel™. This set of Ultra-Removable™ Product date labels are ideal for any kind of reusable containers.

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    Product Date Label | 2" Circle Ultra Removable | 1000/Roll


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    SKU: UP4704
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    Product Date Label | 2"X2" Ultra Removable | 500/Roll


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    SKU: UP4804
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    Product Date Label | 3" Circle Ultra Removable | 500/Roll


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    SKU: UP4904

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