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Dissolve-It™ Blanks label sets will save you valuable time from scrubbing away sticky residue from your disposable pans and containers. Here’s how it works: place your food prep containers into the dishwasher and that's it! During the cycle, water will dissolve the labels in 30 seconds or less. Bottom line: no more extra care in removing labels required. Bye bye sticky mess! These blank Dissolve-It™ labels are versatile and can be used with any food rotation program in any kitchen setting.

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    Blank White Label | 1"X1" Dissolve It | 1000/Roll

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    SKU: DB111-1
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    Blank White Label | 1"X2" Dissolve It | 1000/Roll

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    SKU: DB4600
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    Blank White Label | 2"X2" Dissolve It | 250/Roll

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    SKU: DB4800

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