Blank White Label | 1"X2" Dissolve It | 1000/Roll

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Each roll contains 1,000 blank Dissolve-It™ labels. The compact size of this label makes it ideal for short messages that other labels cannot satisfy. Use them alone or combined with another one of our printed labels for even more specific labeling. The 1 X 2 rectangular size is extremely popular, and it provides enough space for almost any message. These Dissolve-It™ labels adhere to multiple surfaces, including glass, plastic and metal. Ready to remove it? Simply run it under any temperature water and the label dissolves completely in 30 seconds. Easy, safe and no sticky residue!

  • Label material: Dissolve-It™ (Label Material Guide)
  • Label type: Blank
  • Temperature range: 40F to 173F
  • Unit of Measure: Roll of 1,000 Labels
    Label Size: 1" X 2" rectangle
  • SKU: DB4600
  • Part Description: Blank White Label | 1"X2" Dissolve It | 1000/Roll
  • Net Weight: 0.460000
  • Net Weight Unit of Measure: LB
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