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Brand Fulfillment

  1. Convenience Store Marketing Ideas

    convenience store marketing ideas

    Gas and convenience stores have become a staple of American life; you’re likely to come across one every few blocks. The industry has become crowded, so staying visible to customers is challenging. One of the best ways to attract and retain more customers is through marketing and promotion. If you own a gas and convenience store, how do you promote and boost sales in your store? Here are five convenience store marketing ideas that should bring in more customers and improve sales. 


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  2. Menu Labeling Requirements for Restaurants and C-Stores

    nenu Labeling requirements for restaurant and C-Store

    The FDA published the final rule on menu labeling on December 2014, but the compliance date was May 7, 2018. Although 2018 was the official compliance date, the FDA spent the first year educating members before starting enforcement of the menu labeling law on May 7, 2019.Further, the Food and Drug Administration announced that January 1, 2024, will be the uniform compliance date for final food labeling regulations that are issued in calendar years 2021 and 2022.

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  3. Congratulations, JINYA Ramen Bar for your Partnership with HBO Max

    Congratulations, JINYA Ramen Bar for your Partnership with HBO Max

    If you’re a fan of crime drama series and enjoy Japanese cuisine, watch the Max Original series Tokyo Vice on HBO Max and try the delicious Tokyo Spice at JINYA Ramen Bar. The acclaimed Japanese restaurant partnered with HBO Max to debut the release of the final episode of the season of the must-watch crime series Tokyo Vice live in their JINYA Ramen Bar in Los Angeles.

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  4. New Showroom at Dot It Facility

    New Showroom at Dot It Facility

    Dot It’s new Showroom is ready, and we can't wait to show it off! The Showroom was designed so visitors can experience some of our products and service solutions firsthand, including label, print, and fulfillment solutions. Everything in the showroom was designed and manufactured in-house and address some of our customers’ most pressing pain points.

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  5. How to Handle Staffing Shortages in your Restaurant?


    If the pandemic taught us one thing, it was that restaurants can survive even the most dire situations. The pandemic led to a lot of workers in the restaurant industry being let go because of government shutdowns, forcing restaurants to adapt on the fly. Now with restaurants opening back up, staffing shortages have become a plague on the restaurant industry. Hiring back the people that were laid off has become challenging, as well as, holding onto the workers a restaurant already has. Here are some tips to help deal with the staffing shortage restaurants are facing.

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  6. Planning Now for Holiday LTO Success

    It might be August with the smells of backyard BBQs wafting through the air, but before you know it we will be trading in our shorts and t-shirts for warm clothes and hot pumpkin lattes. Which is why it is never too early to start preparing for your holiday season limited-time offers. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas just a few months away, it is time to let Dot It prepare your business for successful holiday LTO rollouts.

    When should I start planning holiday rollouts?

    There is no time like the present! Start planning your holiday LTOs today to get a jump on the competition. Being ahead of the game for holiday planning will prevent you from scrambling at the last minute to pull your holiday LTOs together, while setting

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  7. Freebirds Swag Management & Fulfillment (Case Study)

    Freebirds Swag Management & Fulfillment (Case Study)

    Dot It creates a branded merchandise fulfillment program for Freebirds, including mass swag order fulfillment and a white-labeled retail storefront.

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  8. What is a Swag Management Company? (And How Can It Save You Time & Money)

    What is a Swag Management Company? (And How Can It Save You Time & Money)

    When companies talk about their swag program, they mean any promotional product with their branding on it. This includes drinkware, totes and bags, writing utensils, office supplies and more. Most often companies use swag for corporate gifts, employee incentives, loyalty rewards, giveaways, and contests. It includes all the products carrying the company’s logo and messaging on it and can be used for a variety of purposes.

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  9. Dot It Facilitates Freebirds Holiday POP Kit (Case Study)

    Dot It Facilitates Freebirds Holiday POP Kit (Case Study)

    Dot It facilitates Freebirds Holiday POP kit to stores nationwide, streamlining process and ensuring accurate and timely delivery for holiday promotion.

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  10. 3 Restaurant Supply Kits That Will Save You Time

    3 Restaurant Supply Kits That Will Save You Time

    When running a restaurant, finding ways to save you time, no matter how little, can prove to be invaluable. When you don’t have to worry about hundreds of small things, you can focus on the larger, more important task of running a restaurant. A lesser-known time saver are restaurant supply kits.

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