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How to Use Rotation Labels for Meal Prep

How to Use Rotation Labels for Meal Prep
By Dot It April 10, 2019 No comments

Food rotation labels are an essential item of every commercial kitchen, but did you know that they can be useful in your own home? Meal prepping in your home is a great way to save money and plan ahead for the week. And by using rotation labels for meal prep, you can keep your home refrigerator organized. They can also help let you know what is in your containers and can keep track of which food you need to use first and which food can last a few more days.

Meal Prep Food Label Options

Step 1: Choose Your Label Type

Meal prep food labels are available in several different types. You may find one or multiple types useful for your use at home. Choose from:

Step 2: Choose Your Material Type

Food rotation labels for food prep come in all different types of materials. Decide which will work best for food preparation in your home. Choose from:

  • Ultra-removable - an easily removable label that has a basic paper front. These labels are not water resistant, but still can be moved from container to container without leaving behind a sticky residue.
  • Dissolve It - a food rotation label that will easily dissolve in less than 30 seconds under any water temperature, leaving behind absolutely no sticky residue.
  • Mighty Peel - a water-resistant label that is made of durable plastic with a special adhesive that allows it to easily be removed cleanly every time. Great to use on reusable glass, metal or plastic containers.
  • Cold Temp Labels - a moisture resistant label that is freezer safe thanks to a specifically designed adhesive created to withstand freezing temperatures.

Step 3: Apply To Food Containers

Once you have selected your food rotation labels, all that is left to do is to stick them onto your food container. Make sure it is placed so that it is clearly visible and the information is written neatly.

Where To Get Food Prep Labels

Dot It offers labels in all different size, colors, uses, and materials. In all, Dot It offers 500 different food rotation labels. Order your food rotation labels today, and begin meal prepping in your home kitchen!