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problems we solve

  • problems we solve Traditional courses with low pass rates
  • problems we solve Difficult to manage staff certifications
  • problems we solve Keeping track of when staff needs to renew
  • problems we solve Staff turnover from lack of training
  • problems we solve Expensive fines from health department
  • problems we solve Staff forgets training over time
  • problems we solve 100% online with 94% pass rate
  • problems we solve Manage user certifications online
  • problems we solve Renewel Reminders
  • problems we solve Quick-start, cost-effective training
  • problems we solve ANSI accredited course
  • problems we solve FREE monthly refresher videos

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Food Handler Training
10 Per learner

Course includes:

  • Course content and quiz
  • Certification management
  • Ongoing learning


  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Food Safety & The Law
  • Chapter 2: Food Safety Hazards - Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Chapter 3: Allergens
  • Chapter 4: Time & Temperature Controls
  • Chapter 5: Principles of Safe Food Storage
  • Chapter 6: Food Pests
  • Chapter 7: Cleaning
  • Chapter 8: Front of House
  • Chapter 9: Personal Hygiene
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Track Your Staff's Progress

Track Your Staff's Progress

In the business admin area, managers can monitor staff progress, including pass rates, purchase additional codes, store Food Handler cards (certificates), and download reports for your local health officer.

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Free Downloads

Free Downloads

Our free downloads allow you to pass information out to your staff to remind them of the learnings from their Food Handler course. We will also be sending through video reminders of good practices to your staff via email.

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Due Diligence Defense

Due Diligence Defense

Utilize the expertise of Always Food Safe Company and ensure that ALL Food Handlers receive a high level of training to eliminate food safety failures caused by new or untrained Food Handlers.

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