FIFO 24 oz Squeeze Bottle | 6/Pack

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Contains six bottles per pack. Each bottle holds 24 ounces of liquid. F.I.F.O. stands for First In First Out. Switch from traditional bottles to FIFO Bottles to save in several different ways. The bottom dispensing design decreases wasted sauce by up to 10 percent. Plus, it keeps sauces properly rotated: As you fill from the top, the older product stays on the bottom, ready to dispense first. Avoid banging the bottles on the counter or trying to get the sauce to the nozzle because gravity does all the work. Avoiding the banging also means the bottles last three to four times longer than other bottles. Openings on both ends make it easier to clean and more sanitary.

Clean, simple and easy to use!

Bottle Dimensions:

Bottle diameter: 2.99" (7.6cm)

Bottle height: 8.25" (21cm)