Mustard FIFO Bottle Lid Label | 24 Label/Sheet

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Contains one sheet of 24 labels. These MUSTARD labels are 1.5" in diameter. They are yellow, with standout white text for high visibility. These FIFO Lid labels are specially designed for use with the FIFO line of condiment and sauce bottles. Our FIFO labels are made with an extremely aggressive adhesive and a protected label face, which is designed to withstand multiple uses. "FIFO" stands for "First In First Out". This means staff can keep sauces and condiments properly rotated, ensuring that the oldest portion of the item is used first. The NSF approved material is durable and safe for a multitude of kitchen uses. The yellow color ensures the bottle stands out in busy kitchens, as well as allowing staff members to clearly label the bottles with contents.

Makes restaurant life easy!

  • Unit of Measure: 24 labels on 6" x 9.5" sheet
  • Product size:1.5" Diameter circle
  • Product type: FIFO, First In First Out, lid label
  • Color: yellow label, white text
  • Part Description: Mustard FIFO Bottle Lid Label | 24 Label/Sheet
  • Net Weight: 0.010000
  • Net Weight Unit of Measure: LB
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