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1" Label Roll Dispenser


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Each DotSpenser holds one roll of 1" labels. The DotSpenser is the perfect solution to protect your labels from kitchen messes and from getting lost. The more organization you can provide your kitchen staff the better. This product does just that. It's easy to lose or destroy labels in a busy kitchen. The DotSpenser keeps labels clean, dry and easy to see. It hangs on standard restaurant racks, but it is also stable on a table or shelf with its non-skid feet. Simply load the roll of 1" labels and lock the study plastic cover in place. Two easy steps and your DotSpense is ready to use! Works with any 1" label, but it must have a 1" core and contain no more than 1,000 labels.

Keep labels clean, dry and easy-to-use!

Product Features:

  • Load It, Lock it, POP IT!
  • Protects the roll from kitchen messes
  • Hangs on standard restaurant racks
  • Holds 1 roll of 1" labels (1" core and up to 1,000 labels)
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