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DotSpenser® Label Dispenser Kit | Holds 11 Rolls of 1" Label


As low as $73.38

Customize DotSpenser® Label Dispenser Kit | Holds 11 Rolls of 1" Label

Kit contains a large rack that holds individual DotSpensers. Rack can hold up to 11 1" DotSpensers or a combination of 1" and 2" DotSpensers. Mix and match to fit your needs! Keep all your DotSpensers centrally located and have the flexibility to quickly grab one and take it where it's needed. Each rack will hold up to 11 clamshell-style DotSpensers. This DotSpenser Kit is a low cost, reusable label dispenser kit. Its hard plastic shell protects labels from kitchen messes and the plastic DotSpensers snap into place, making it easy to store the dot labels in a convenient and easy-to-access location. The lightweight design makes it easy to move between different workstations, or hang on a wall or pegboard. From dates, to blank, to different label types, keep every label right at your fingertips with the durable DotSpenser and rack.

Perfect for organizing any kitchen environment!

  • Label rolls sold separately
  • Holds up to 11 1" DotSpensers
  • Mix and match 1" and 2" DotSpensers on a rack
  • Clamshell plastic case
  • Keep labels organized
  • Grab a DotSpenser off the rack and go
  • DotSpensers snap easily into place