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Wed/Mier Solid Dot Label | 3/4" Ultra Removable | 2000/Roll


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Contains 2,000 3/4" solid dot Ultra Removable™ day of the week labels (Wednesday/Miercoles). These bright day of the week labels are ideal for busy kitchens. They ensure high visibility with their bold red color. The English and Spanish language increase communication in bilingual kitchens. Use these day of the week labels in any food rotation system. They can indicate a day by which an item needs to be used or indicate an ingredient that needs to be set aside for a particular day. Each day features a different color, so they're easy to keep organized and are easily recognizable. Ultra Removable™ labels peel off without leaving any sticky residue behind. They're ideal for any surface including plastic, glass and metal.

Improve your food rotation system!

  • Label material: Ultra Removable™ (Label Material Guide)
  • Language(s): English, Spanish
  • Label Type: solid dot day of the week
  • Temperature range: -65F to 180F
  • Unit of Measure: Roll of 2,000 Labels
  • Label Size: 3/4" Circle
  • Recommended Dispenser: Item #DAY1175
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