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SecureIt™ Tamper Resistant Labels | 1"X3" | 250/Roll - 2/Pack

In stock

SecureIt Labels™

Give your take-out customers peace of mind with labels that have special cuts that will break if tampered with. Designed to adhere to a variety of packaging - paper, plastic, foil - these labels have aggressive adhesive to be tamper resistant but easily opened by the customer.

  • Measures: 1"X3" label with security slits
  • 250/roll; 500/pack
  • 2 pack dimensions 2.625 x 2.625 x 2.25

Want custom SecureIt™ labels?

Brand SecureIt™ labels with your business logo, slogan or special messaging. Contact Sales@DotIt.comor call 800-642-3687 to learn more.