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Red Labels For Judo Double Line Gun | 1125/Roll | 6 Rolls/Sleeve

In stock

Contains 6 rolls of permanent adhesive labels for the Judo label gun. These permanent labels feature two lines to print various dates. Load the labels into your Judo label gun and they're ready to use! These permanent stickers are ideal for items that may be sitting out in deli or display case for customers to buy. You may choose one line to be the packed on date and the other line to be the use by date. The labels feature bright red and their permanent adhesive ensures they won't fall off the package. The labels can also be used in the back of the house to mark prepped on dates, use by dates, time in, time out, thaw, discard, and much more! The Judo label gun is an easy way to label quickly and effectively.

Makes Restaurant Life Easy!