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Pouchmate Plastic Bag Opener 10" Red with Magnet | 6/Pack


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Contains six 10 red Pouchmate bag openers. The Pouchmate is a tool used to open and empty the contents of food product bags. Pouchmate lets you open and empty bag contents without burning your hands on steam or spilling its contents on the floor or counters. These bag openers are 10 inches in length and red in color. They are particularly great for bags with hot contents, such as soups or stews. The stainless steel blade quickly and safely opens bags without making a mess, and you won't burn your hands on steam. After the bag is opened, place the bag in between the tongs and squeeze the Pouchmate down along the bag to get all the food contents out of the bag. Avoid the sticky mess of opening and emptying food bags with this simple and innovative tool.

Product features:

  • Each pack contains six Pouchmates
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Color: red

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