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Portion Bag Wire Dispenser | Fits 6.5"X7" or 10"X8.5" Bags


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Contains one wire portion bag dispenser. This 8" portion bag dispenser is a convenient way to store and organize various size portion bags. Instead of having numerous boxes sitting around and getting lost, use the portion bag dispenser to keep bags clean and organized. Simply hang the bags from the hooks at the top, and they're ready to go! Kitchen staff can easily grab a bag without having to worry about a box. It's wire, so it will be sturdy and not fall down. Also, the four plastic feet keep it in place. Don't worry about it sliding around on smooth surfaces.

Great for busy kitchens!

Product features:

  • Material: Wire with 4 plastic feet
  • Width: 8"
  • Hang bags from the hooks at the top
  • Fits 6.5"X7" or 10"X8.5" bags

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