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People Smiley Sticker | 500/Roll


Contains one roll of labels. Each roll contains 500 labels. These labels are all variations of different smiley faces, alternating six different types of faces. The smileys are plays on the traditional yellow smiley face, adjusted to include a hippie smiley, a nerdy smiley, a 70s basketball smiley and more. The rolls are perforated for easy tear-off. Bring a smile to a customer's face with these adorable smiley faces. Funny and whimsical, these smiley faces are a perfect treat for a child or a nice element of flair to add to a package. Bring a little personality to your kitchen environment with these smiley stickers.

Great for a little pep in anyone's step!

  • Unit of Measure: Roll of 500 labels
  • Rolls are perforated for easy tear off
  • Each roll alternates 6 different people faces