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Judo Food Labeling Gun | Double Line FOOD


Contains one Judo labeling gun. This gun is dark blue, and designed to print two lines of text simultaneously. Quick, easy, and efficient, this gun can print a variety of labels. Implements seamlessly into current food and inventory rotation systems, or a great starter piece for new kitchen systems. Print "Defrosted", "Use By", and "Expiration" dates. This label gun saves staff time and money. There are no worries about illegible labels; this gun prints clear and easy to read labels every time. Stay organized and communicate clearly using the Judo Advanced double line labeling gun.

Makes Restaurant Life Easy!

  • Holds one roll of double line labels- labels not included.
  • Color: blue
  • Brand: Judo
  • Product Type: Label gun, automatic
  • More reliable with less moving parts

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