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DaySpenser® Set | 1" Dots & DaySpenser® | Ultra Removable


As low as $68.42

Customize DaySpenser® Set | 1" Dots & DaySpenser® | Ultra Removable

Includes 1 DaySpenser® (Item # DAY2101) and 7 rolls each of 1,000 labels of each color of solid-dot Ultra Removable™ labels (black, blue, yellow, red, brown, green, and orange). Ultra Removable™ labels come off easily leaving no adhesive residue behind! This eliminates the sticky adhesive mess that regular stickers will leave behind, which can harbor bacteria and contaminate clean pans. The DaySpenser® keeps the rolls of solid-dot labels organized and within easy reach. Never worry about dropping a roll on the floor or losing it among the hustle and bustle. The snug fitting plastic lid ensures the labels stay dry and clean. With nonskid rubber feet and options for wall-mounting, the DaySpenser® and included rolls make this set a great starter kit for new food preparation procedures.

Makes Restaurant Life Easy!

  • Unit of Measure: Set
  • Includes: Item # DAY2101, 7 rolls of 1,000 labels each - a total of 7,000 labels
  • Color: black, blue, yellow, red, brown, green, orange
  • Label Dimensions: 1" circle