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Brown Solid Label | 3" Circle Ultra Removable | 500/Roll


Contains one roll of labels. Each roll contains 500 labels. Each label is solid brown in color, measuring 3" in diameter. These labels are blank on the face, making them versatile for any food rotation system. The labels are 3" in diameter, leaving enough space for a few small marks like a use-by date, initials or any other information vital to your system. These labels are also Ultra-Removable™ labels. This means they are easily removable from plastic and metal containers, leaving no sticky residue behind. Keep your containers clean without the laborious scrubbing which might leave scratches.

Great for food rotation systems!

  • Label material: Ultra Removable™ (Label Material Guide)
  • Label type: Blank
  • Temperature range: -65F to 200F
  • Unit of Measure: Roll of 500 Labels
  • Label Size: 3" circle