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2" x 2" Sanitized UltraRemovable Labels w/ Undercut Liner | 500/Roll


2 x 2 Sanitized UltraRemovable Labels w/ Undercut Liner | 500/RL

Alert customers that an extra step has been taken to sanitize by using removable sanitized& labels. 2 x 2 square labels feature a removable adhesive so no sticky residue is left behind when label is removed. An undercut liner stays in the center of the label back, making frequent replacement faster and easier. Labels include space for employee name, date, and time of last cleaning.

Product Features:

  • Labels measure 2"X2"
  • UltraRemovable label adhesive
  • Features messaging that says "This surface was sanitized. We care about your well-being."
  • Sold as 500/roll