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Wednesday Clock Dot Label | 1"X1" Trilingual Ultra Removable | 1000/Roll


Contains 1,000 1"x1" trilingual clock dot Ultra Removable™ day of the week labels (Wednesday/Miercoles/Mercredi). These 1" square labels feature bright colors for highest possible visibility. The label denotes day of the week in three languages: English, Spanish and French. These labels can be implemented quickly and seamlessly into food rotation systems. The label is available in every day of the week and each day features a different color. These rotation labels are Ultra Removable™, leaving behind no adhesive residue when removed. Perfect for labeling any type of container including as plastic, glass, and metal. These trilingual Ultra Removable™ food labels measure 1" square.

Wednesday/Miercoles/Mercredi Clock labels - perfect for multilingual kitchens!

  • Label material: Ultra Removable™ (Label Material Guide)
  • Language(s): English, Spanish, French
  • Label Type: clock, day of the week
  • Temperature range: -65F to 180F
  • Unit of Measure: Roll of 1,000 Labels
  • Label Size: 1"x1" square
  • Recommended Dispenser: #DAY2101
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