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Valentine's Day Hearts Sticker | 2" Heart Shaped | 500/Roll


Contains 1 roll of 500 heart-shaped 2" labels. These Valentine's labels are ideal for any restaurant environment. 2" heart-shaped labels are stylized like the classic conversation hearts Valentine's candy. With 5 text-based messages ("TEXT ME", "YOU ROCK", "I ‚ô° YOU", "BE MINE", and "CUTIE PIE") and one image-based message (‚ò∫, a smiling face), these Valentine's hearts labels are guaranteed to add a welcome final touch to any Valentine's Day special items or order tickets. Customers will appreciate the sentiment. The six styles of this label alternate on the roll, ensuring variety. With, pink, yellow, or blue background colors, these Valentine's Heart labels are a perfect addition to every restaurant before Valentine's Day comes around again!

Makes restaurant life easier on Valentine's Day!

  • Label type: deli label, Valentine's
  • Label dimensions: 2", heart shape
  • Unit of Measure: 1 roll, 500 labels, 6 styles alternating