Use First/Use Primero Label | 2"X2" Cold Temp | 500/Roll

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Each package contains 500 Bilingual USE FIRST 2" x 2" Cold-Temp™ labels. Labels are boldly colored red with USE FIRST USE PRIMERO printed on them in white, and they measure 2" x 2" square, with rounded corners. Cold-Temp™ labels are made with a strong, permanent adhesive. It is designed for freezer applications, such as frozen containers or containers that will be submerged in ice. Cold Temp is great for disposable containers, plastic wrap, and foil. Clearly mark containers of prepared food with the order to use by. These labels stand out on containers and implement seamlessly into established kitchen food preparation procedures.

Perfect for busy kitchens!

  • Label material: Cold-Temp™ (Label Material Guide)
  • Label type: Bilingual, "USE FIRST USE PRIMERO"
  • Temperature range: -65 F to 200 F
  • Unit of Measure: Roll of 500 labels
  • Label Size: 2" x 2" rounded corner square
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Color: Red background, white text
  • SKU: CF211-1
  • Part Description: Use First/Use Primero Label | 2"X2" Cold Temp | 500/Roll
  • Net Weight: 0.500000
  • Net Weight Unit of Measure: LB
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