Tue Half Dot Day Label | 3/4" Mighty Peel | 1000/Roll

Each package contains 1,000 day of the week (Tuesday) half-dot Mighty Peel™ labels. Labels are yellow and white with TUE printed on them, and they measure 3/4" in diameter. Mighty Peel™ labels are made with a durable, plastic material and a special removable adhesive that allows the label to remove cleanly every time. It is water resistant and holds up well in any kitchen environment. The special removable adhesive makes the labels repositionable, allowing you to move the label from one pan to another. Clearly mark containers of prepared food with necessary information in the blank bottom half of the label. These half-dot day of the week labels stand out on containers and implement seamlessly into established kitchen food preparation procedures.

Perfect for multilingual kitchens!

  • Label material: Mighty Peel™ (Label Material Guide)
  • Label type: Day of the Week, half-dot
  • Temperature range: 20F to 200F
  • Unit of Measure: Roll of 1,000 labels
  • Language(s): English
  • Label Size: 3/4" circle
  • Recommended Dispenser: Item #DAY1175
  • SKU: P343
  • Part Description: Tue Half Dot Day Label | 3/4" Mighty Peel | 1000/Roll
  • Net Weight: 0.120000
  • Net Weight Unit of Measure: LB
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