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Thanksgiving Sticker | 2"x2.75" | 500/Roll


Contains one roll of 500 Thanksgiving stickers. Kids look forward to restaurants because they often get fun prizes. These Thanksgiving stickers are no exception. Treat your littlest guests with a fun and festive Thanksgiving sticker. There are six different designs, so your guest can choose his or her Favorite, or give all six! These are a fun way to celebrate one of the years most important holidays. Your tiny guests will look forward to coming back to your establishment over and over in hopes of getting a new Thanksgiving sticker. Also, great for bag tags or for employees to wear on their uniforms.

Kids will love these!

Product features:

  • Each roll contains 500 stickers
  • Six different Thanksgiving designs: Turkey, Mayflower, Native American boy, Native American Girl, Pilgrim Boy, Pilgrim Girl
  • Cartoon designs are fun for kids.