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Sun/Dom Labels For Kendo Single Line Gun | 1500/Roll | 6 Rolls/Sleeve

Available While Supplies Last

Contains 6 rolls of white Bilingual Day of the Week (Sunday/Domingo) labels. Do food rotation systems right with these white labels made for the Kendo 26 Single Line Gun. These labels are color-coded by the day of the week, and are bilingual for accessibility in the workplace (SUN/DOM). When putting food in different containers, these labels are perfect for annotating the date that the food was transferred or repackaged, the date it needs to be used by or another important deadline. Keep everyone on staff aware of this vital information with these versatile labels. Communicate visually and assist employees in rotating containers to continue providing high quality products while minimizing waste.

Perfect for multilingual kitchens!

  • Unit of Measure: 6 Rolls/Sleeve
  • Recommended dispenser: ITEM# KENDO-26
  • Color: White background, Black banner
  • Type of Label: Day of the Week