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Sun 6.5"X7" Saddle Pack Portion Bags | 2000/Box


Each box contains 2,000 portion bags. Each bag is clear, so you can see the product within the bag, with SUNDAY printed around the edges of the bag. Each bag measures 6.5" X 7". In the middle of the bag is a white labeling area, with fields for the item name, date, portion size and employee name. Save time with a little extra work on the front end with these sealable saddle bags. In addition to perfectly portioned sizes, communicate the important facts about the food right on the bag. Made with food-safe ink, these bags are easy to use and save tons of time in kitchen environments.

For perfectly sized portions every time!

  • Unit of Measure: Box of 2,000
  • 2 Cup Dry Capacity
  • .5 Mil HDPE
  • Made with food-safe ink