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Slice Safety Box Cutter | Auto-Retractable Ceramic Blade


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World's first auto-retractable box cutter with a ceramic blade. The patented non-slip handle with easy-hold finish in highly visible green color protects hands by wrapping around fist. The housing limits amount of exposed ceramic-blade to further reduce injuries. The ceramic blade automatically retracts back into the housing when slider button is released for added safety. High-tech double-sided Slice ceramic blade is designed to reduce injuries by incorporating safer rounded-tips with a sharpness level that lasts up to 10x longer than steel. Red Dot Design Award Winner.

Makes Restaurant Life Easier and Safer!

  • Product Type: Box Cutter
  • Product Color: green and black
  • Product Material: nonslip rubberized plastic handle, ceramic blade
  • Auto-retractable
  • Unit of measure: 1 cutter and 1 Slice ceramic blade
  • Replacement blades?: Available in packs of 4

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