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SecureIt™ Plus Tamper-Resistant Labels 1.5" x 4" | Agressive Adhesive | 250/roll 2/pack


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SecureIt™; Plus Tamper-Resistant Labels 1.5" x 4" | Aggressive Adhesive | 250/roll 2/pack

SecureIt™ Plus labels are made with extra-tough adhesive designed for porous and textured substrates like foam and recycled material. Labels stay securely fastened on hot packaging and under heat lamps. SecureIt™ Plus labels offer the same tamper-resistant functionality as the traditional SecureIt™ line with the additional security of super strong label adhesive. Most often used for delivery items to ensure the food is delivered to the customer without tampering.

Product Features:

  • Labels measure 1.5"X4"
  • SecureIt™ Plus features more aggressive adhesive
  • Sold as 250/roll 2/pack
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