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Sat Half Dot Day Label | 3/4" Mighty Peel | 1000/Roll


Contains one roll of labels. Each roll contains 1,000 labels. Each label measures 3/4" in diameter and is circular in shape. These labels are a half-dot design. Half the label is orange in color and has SAT (for Saturday) printed on the label. These labels are Mighty Peel™ labels, which means they're water resistant, tough, and very clean. Made with a durable and synthetic material, these labels protect your containers, because they don't dissolve into a sticky mess in most kitchen environments. Make a quick mark, stick, re-stick, remove and reapply as many times as you need in your food rotation system.

Perfect for avoiding sticky messes!

  • Label material: Mighty Peel™ (Label Material Guide)
  • Label type: Day of the week
  • Temperature range: 120 F to 200F
  • Unit of Measure: Roll of 1,000 Labels
  • Language(s): English
  • Label Size: 3/4" circle
  • Recommended Dispenser: Item #DAY1175
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