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San Jamar Original Saf-T-Ice® tote | 2/CA


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Contains two Saf-t-ice Totes. Just like food, ice also needs to be protected from harmful bacteria. This ice tote keeps ice safe and clean for your restaurant guests. It's 6 gallon capacity means employees can easily haul a large amount of ice from the ice maker to the ice bin or dispenser. When filled, it weighs 25 lbs. The handle is comfortable to carry and won't strain your staffs hands. The ice tote is dishwasher safe, making sanitizing a breeze. It's the easiest way move ice around the restaurant or kitchen from the ice machine.

Keep ice safe and free of contaminants!

Product features:

  • Capacity: 6 Gallons
  • 25 lbs when filled with ice
  • Case of 2
  • NSF Certified; dishwasher safe

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