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Pan Pen | Includes 2 Pan Pens & 10 Tricolor Refills (Red, White, Black)


Pan Pen™ is a refillable grease marker for food safety labeling. Pan Pens can be used on any dry non-porous surface such as plastic and stainless steel pans, pan liners, and laminated checklists. Each package contains two Pan Pens and 10 non-toxic refills (4 white, 3 red, and 3 black). Mark on clean, dry, non-porous surfaces. Pan Pen™ wipes off with dry cloth or in hot dishwater with scouring pad. Perfect for situations when labels or stickers are not ideal or wanted.

Makes restaurant life easy!

  • Unit of Measure: Package with two pens and refills
  • Product Type: refillable, grease marker
  • Refills included: 10
  • Colors: pens green, markers red/white/black