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Pan Liner 24"X17" (24 Qt) | Half Pan (Low Heat) | 250/Box


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Contains one box of 250 low heat pan liners. Each pan liner measures 24"X17" and fits half pans with 24 quart volume. Pan liners offer solutions to many kitchen obstacles. They protect pans from abrasive scrubbing and stuck on food. They minimize cleanup time. They save money by extending the life of your pans. They help your staff make better use of their time because they don't have to spend an extended amount of time scrubbing pans. These low-heat pan liners have a max temperature of 200F, so they're not designed for oven use. The twist ties provide an easy solution for storing leftovers. Then they can be used directly from freezer or walk-in to microwave, boiling water, steam table or warmer.

Cut down on cleanup time!

Product features:

  • Unit of Measure: Box of 250
  • Resin: HDPE
  • Gauge: .6 mil
  • Dimensions: Width: 24" / Height 17"
  • Volume: 24 qt
  • Each box includes 250 4" twist ties
  • Made with with FDA approved resin
  • Maximum temperature of 200F
  • Not designed for use in ovens
  • Excellent for hard-to-clean foods
  • Twist-tie shut to close leftovers then use directly from freezer or walk-in to microwave, boiling water, steam table, or warmer.

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