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Label Dispenser | Holds 7 Rolls of 3/4" Label

In stock

Contains one Mini DaySpenser. Each Mini DaySpenser holds 7 rolls of 3/4" labels. Keep day of the week labels organized with the Mini DaySpenser. This specific DaySpenser is perfect for areas that are small on space. Make the most of the space you have with this invaluable tool. In busy kitchens, labels can often get lost or damaged. The DaySpenser prevents that from happening. When you're moving quickly, you need to be able to grab labels on the go. The DaySpenser locks in labels so they're always easily accessible. It keeps the labels from getting lost, torn, or wet, which helps to save money. It can hang on a wall or peg board, or simply sit on kitchen prep shelf or countertop. Rolls sold separately.

Keep your kitchen organized with this mini DaySpenser!

Product features:

  • Holds 7 rolls of 3/4" each
  • Replacement insert dividers are available for this item: Item#DAYD112
  • Plastic insert dividers snap into place, making it easy to replace the rolls.
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