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Judo 26 Double Line Label Gun


Contains one Judo two-line label gun that is black in color. Guarantee legible print on your labels. With an easy-to-load drop-in ink roller, print clear and vivid labels in a snap. This labeling gun is lightweight because it has less moving parts, making it more reliable and easy to use. With a comfortable grip, this Judo labeling gun uses 26mm x 16mm labels (Not included. Order here.) Whether it's prices on boxed items in a grocery aisle or use-by dates on meat products, swiftly and seamlessly dispense as many labels needed.

Product features:

  • Contains one Judo labeling gun
  • Color: black
  • Two-line labels (Not included. Order here.)
  • Easy to load 'drop in' ink roller
  • Open path for easy label loading
  • Clear and vivid printout
  • Light weight and comfortable grip