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Intro Set | 1"X1" Clock Day Label & DaySpenser® | Ultra Removable


As low as $68.42

Customize Intro Set | 1"X1" Clock Day Label & DaySpenser® | Ultra Removable

Contains 7 Rolls of 1"x1" trilingual clock dot Ultra Removable™ day of the week labels (English, Spanish, and French). These 1" square clock labels are dual-colored to allow for high visibility. These labels denote the day of the week in English, Spanish, and French for accessibility in the workplace. This label is versatile and efficient to implement seamlessly into existing kitchen food rotation programs. Labels are color-coded by the days of the week to lend efficiency to food preparation and storage. These rotation labels are Ultra Removable™, leaving behind no adhesive residue when removed. Perfect for labeling a multitude of container types such as plastic, glass, and metal. These trilingual Ultra Removable™ food labels measure 1" square. This Intro set includes a DaySpenser, which can hold a full 7 rolls to prepare kitchens for a week at a time.

Intro Set of Ultra Removable™ Trilingual Clock labels - perfect for multilingual kitchens!

  • Label material: Ultra Removable™ (Label Material Guide)
  • Language(s): English, Spanish, French
  • Label Type: clock, day of the week
  • Temperature range: -65F to 180F
  • Unit of Measure:7 Rolls of 1,000 Labels each - A Total of 7,000 Labels.
  • Label Size: 1"x1" square
  • Included Dispenser:DAY2101