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Date Code Genie Blank Label | 2.125"X3" Cold Temp | 500/Roll 4 Rolls/Pack


Each package contains four rolls of 500 blank Date Code Genie labels. These permanent labels work with the Date Code Genie automated label printer. Messy handwriting can be problematic when it comes to labeling. Skip the hassle with these 2 X 3 blank labels for the Date Code Genie. You won't have to try to decipher scribbles because every label will be uniformly printed. Additionally, you'll cut down on waste and save employees time from handwriting labels. The labels still stick to any surface in a wide temperature range. Take advantage of these highly versatile blank labels in your Date Code Genie!

  • Label material: Permanent Date Code Genie labels
  • Label type: Blank
  • Temperature range: -65F to 200F
  • Unit of Measure: Four rolls of 500 Labels
  • Label Size: 2" X 3"