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Cup Biodegradable 12OZ Natural | 1000/Box | PlanglowUSA Packaging


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Boost your natural, environmental offering with our 12oz Natural Hot Cups. Their unique design was two years in the making and comprises of a double walled biodegradable product - for enhanced heat retention - and a unique plant-based bio-coating that meets the American standard for compostability. The cups have a white interior with a Natural Kraft finish on the outside. What's more, each cup is printed with its own eco credentials: This cup is fully compostable and 100% biodegradable. And as the cup keeps drinks and not your customers hands hot, there is no need for an additional cup sleeve which keeps costs and waste down!

Product Name: BIO CUP 12OZ NATURAL

Product Size: 12oz

Case Quantity: 1,000

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