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Comark Foodpro Plus Infrared Thermometer w/ Integral Probe

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Contains one infrared thermometer with integral probe. The FoodPro Plus offers a range of temperature solutions for all food applications and comes complete with a carrying pouch. Target illumination shows measurement area so user can move closer for more accurate readings. HACCP temperature danger zones indicated with clear safe/unsafe LED warnings. Green means temperatures are within safety guidelines and outside danger zone. Red means warning - temperatures are inside the HACCP danger zone and potentially unsafe. The preprogrammed HACCP danger zone set at 4C to 60C/ 40F to 140F. Allows staff to quickly scan temperature without the risk of cross-contamination. Internal temperatures can be verified with the flip-down probe. This thermometer allows staff to set adjustable alarms for line check reminders. It is hand-washable, and sealed to IP54 standards.

Useful, resilient and perfect for kitchen conditions!

  • Danger temperature range: 40F to 140F or 4C to 60C
  • Handwashable
  • F/C
  • HAACP calibrated
  • Thermometer type: infrared
  • Includes integrated probe

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