Chicken Fluorescent Red Deli Label | .875"X1.5" Oval | 750/Roll

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Contains one roll of 750 fluorescent red chicken labels. These chicken labels are a clear way to label chicken and its byproducts. Sometimes packaging isn't transparent, so it's hard to see what's inside. That's where these labels come into play. The bright red fluorescent color is sure to not be missed. It's also important to prominently label chicken because of its perishable and contaminable nature. Employees should take care before cutting into a chicken package to ensure proper handling procedures are followed. These labels can also be used for chicken items in a deli case that customers may purchase.

Makes Restaurant Life Easy!

Product features:

  • Unit of Measure: Roll of 750 Labels
  • Label Size: .875" X 1.5" oval
  • Recommended Dispensers: Item # DAY2114 or Item #DAY1175
  • Note: These rolls do not fit in the DAY2101 or DAY1111 dispensers.

  • SKU: DR007
  • Part Description: Chicken Fluorescent Red Deli Label | .875"X1.5" Oval | 750/Roll
  • Net Weight: 0.330000
  • Net Weight Unit of Measure: LB
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