Box of 20 SmartCompliance alcohol wipe Refill

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Alcohol wipes refill for SmartCompliance first aid cabinets or standalone item. Comes 20 per box. Use alcohol wipes to disinfect the area surrounding wounds and help prevent infection. Kill germs fast. 70% isopropyl alcohol. Single-use alcohol cleaning pads. Individually wrapped. SmartTab ezRefill makes it easy to reorder and restock items in SmartCompliance first aid cabinets. Simply reference the SmartTab indicator tab available in each item box and reorder supplies you're low on.

SmartCompliance alcohol wipes refill or standalone item!

  • This refill is for part numbers FA746005, FA746006, FA90659, FA90660, FA90830
  • Prevent infection
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Sold as 20 per box
  • For single use only