Bodily Fluid Clean Up Kit w/ CPR Pack

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Bloodborne pathogen (BBP) spill clean up kit with CPR pack contains all the essential items required for caregivers to safely and effectively perform CPR and clean up bodily fluid spills. Protect yourself during biohazard clean ups with this 31-piece BBP spill clean up kit. Meets all federal OSHA regulations. Plastic case is easily portable and can be wall-mounted.

Essential for BBP spill clean up in food establishments!

  • 31-piece kit with plastic case
  • Meets all federal OSHA requirements
  • Dimensions: 9"x8-3/8"x2-1/2"

Kit contains:

(3) BZK antiseptic towelettes

(1) Disposable gown w/ full sleeves

(1) Disposable bonnet

(2) Disposable shoe covers

(1) Eye shield with ear loop mask

(1) Fluid control solidifier pack, 21 gm.

(1) Biohazard scoop

(2) 24"x24" Biohazard bags

(2) 8"x12" Clear plastic bags

(2) Twist ties

(3) Disposable clean-up towels

(2) 5"x8" Germicidal (kills germs) wipes

(2) Exam quality vinyl gloves, 1 pair

(1) Bodily fluid pick-up guide

(1) CPR Pack: 1 CPR one-way valve face shield, 2 exam quality vinyl gloves, and 3 BZK antiseptic towelettes, all latex free

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  • Part Description: Bodily Fluid Clean Up Kit w/ CPR Pack
  • Net Weight: 1.300000
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