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Blue, Metal Detectable Plastic Bandages, 50/Box


Contains 50 blue plastic adhesive bandages, measuring 1" X 3". Perfect for every day use. The bright blue color makes the bandages easy to detect should they get lost while handling food products. The bandages also contain a thin foil that is detectable by most metal detectors and can be caught in food processing lines. Non-adherent absorbent pad won't stick to wounds and allows for gentle removal. Quick treatment for minor cuts and wounds. A must for food establishments. Bandages measure 1" X 3".

Essential addition to food establishment first aid kits!

  • Comfortable everyday protection
  • Sold 50/per box; 1 X 3 (2.54cm X 7.62cm)
  • Sterile, durable design
  • Easy visual detection, even under gloves