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Trendy Restaurant Uniforms

Trendy Restaurant Uniforms
By Dot It March 1, 2021 No comments

Clothing trends are not limited to the retail world. Trendy restaurant uniforms are a great way to elevate your restaurant’s brand and take your customer experience to the next level. But what are some ways to create the perfect trendy restaurant uniform?

Consider trendy uniform t-shirts

T-Shirts are a popular selection for casual dining uniforms like quick service restaurants (QSRs) and fast-food chains. Spice up a plain logo tee with a cute saying or some fun graphics. Puns and illustrated foods that pertain to your restaurant will go over well with employees and customers alike.

Use aprons to your advantage

Aprons are a functional uniform piece that can be styled to create a trendy look. Think about the materials your aprons are made from. Denim is a good option for a refreshed apron look. Cotton blends are the most common, and they can also work well for trendy restaurant uniforms.

Also consider the necessity of a full apron versus a half or waist apron. The waist apron can give a less outdated, trendier look to your staff.

Hats can be more than practical

Hats aren’t just to keep your staff out of the less attractive hair net. Restaurants can use hats as another practical uniform piece, and they can help merge your front-of-house and back-of-house look. They can also sport fun designs, or a simple logo to represent your brand.

Colors add more depth to the look

Another way to create trendy uniforms for your employees is with colors. Play with your uniform’s color combination to create a mood that suits your restaurant, while remaining trendy and fresh.

Trendy uniform tip: Black is a traditional restaurant uniform color for a few reasons. It’s versatile, it hides stains well, and it provides a good contrast between customers and servers.

Reevaluate your logo

Is it time to refresh your logo? While a logo is not an asset that will change with every trend, it is a good idea to consider a change if your logo is particularly outdated. An update to the colors, shapes, fonts, or angles in your logo can go a long way with your overall look.

If you’re happy with your logo, it may still be time to get new uniforms to reflect a nice logo. Dirty, stained, or worn restaurant apparel can reflect poorly on the restaurant.

Trendy Restaurant Uniforms for Fast Food and Quick Service

Fast Food Restaurants and QSRs often opt for a t-shirt or polo uniform, paired with jeans or khakis and close-toed shoes. Creating these pieces in trendy colors and adding in an apron with an updated logo can create a trendy ensemble for your staff.

Trendy Restaurant Uniforms for Fine Dining

All black is a classic and elegant look to start off your fine dining staff. Add a waist or half apron in white to keep spills of your waitstaff’s clothes. Ensure your employees are groomed and ready to go.

About Dot It’s Apparel Program

Dot It’s apparel fulfillment program includes sourcing, printing, stocking, and distributing all the items you need for a trendy restaurant uniform. Create a cohesive design with color matching for a consistent look among all your employees. Call 800.642.3687 or email sales@dotit.com for more information.

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