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Need Business Cards Fast?

By Dot It November 14, 2014 No comments

Scenario #1

You need business cards fast. You can't remember who you ordered them from last so you start looking on the internet. Finally, you find a cost effective printer and begin to place your order when you realize you don't have a print ready copy of your logo. Contacting corporate to have them send you artwork takes 3 days. Now you need cards yesterday, so you drive to your local printer, the more expensive option. Total time spent: 3.5 days

Scenario #2

You need business cards fast. You log into dotit.com and place your order. We have your artwork, past order history, and shipping address. Because we handle all of your print and fulfillment needs, you remember you need table tents and a new pair of tongs and order those as well. Total time spent: 10 min.

Statistically, your internal cost per each of your different vendors could be up to $1400.00 per year. Also, using one vendor for all of your print and fulfillment needs could save you up to 17% each year.

With Dot-It's Brand Fulfillment program we can save you time, money and frustration, especially if you're ordering for multiple locations. Want more info? Give us a call. 800-642-3687 or email us at csr@dotit.com

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