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How to Load a DaySpenser® Label Dispenser

How to Load a DaySpenser® Label Dispenser
By Dot It March 14, 2019 No comments

Easily locating and dispensing food rotation labels is a crucial aspect of a restaurant’s food services operation. When not readily available, it creates frustration and even poses a health and safety hazard in commercial kitchens. Eliminate this hassle with a DaySpenser® label dispenser. It provides the ease and organization every kitchen staff needs to organize and dispense their rotation labels. No more rummaging through boxes of labels with dirty hands looking for the appropriate label. With a DaySpenser® label dispenser, everything you need is right at your fingertips!

What is a DaySpenser®?

The DaySpenser® label dispenser is a patented clamshell container with a hard, plastic shell used to dispense rotation labels. The DaySpenser® keeps food rotation labels organized and saves counter space in the kitchen while protecting your label inventory from messy spills.

Commercial kitchens nationwide choose the DaySpenser® because:

  • Patented dispensing technology
  • Easy to use and refill labels
  • Keeps label inventory clean and easy to manage
  • Wall mountable and saves counter space
  • Holds 7 rolls of 1”, 2” or 3” labels - one for every day of the week!

How to Load a DaySpenser® Label Dispenser

Loading and reloading a DaySpenser® is easy to o.

  1. Remove the plastic lid cover.
  2. Remove the finger set from the label dispenser. The finger set has a point on the front that you want to make sure is always facing toward you.
  3. Take your food rotation labels and make sure they are also facing toward you.
  4. Take the finger set and load it into the middle of the food rotation label roll.
  5. Once secure, take the finger set and position back into the label dispenser.
  6. Repeat this simple process for all seven of your placeholders.
  7. Once all the food rotation labels are in their designated slots, close the lid and secure it in place by clicking the sides down.

Now your food rotation labels are nicely organized and easily accessible for your kitchen staff.

Finding your food rotation labels will never be a hassle again with the DaySpenser® label dispenser. Order your label dispenser today and start working in a less cluttered, safer kitchen.